The dream of creating fashion with personality, designing pieces that reflect the needs of contemporary women in all their multifaceted forms and dynamics, was the seed of JARDIN.


The JARDIN. concept is based on modern and high-quality materials, impeccable cut and finishing, with an elegant silhouette that flatters your body and lasts beyond the season.

JARDIN.’s design departs from the assumption that sophistication evolves from simplicity and leaves you free to adapt compositions, not only according to the occasion but also imprinting personal notes. This is the proposal of the brand: casual chic and extremely versatile – wildcards or key pieces full of personality that, depending on your style and outfit concept, fit into the daily life and the various occasions and roles of the urban woman.


The fashion discovered Bharbara as a youth. Over the years, the inevitable happened: after going through several parallel and complementary paths to this industry, she felt ready to create own pieces that reflected a personal interpretation of the feminine and the contemporary.

Graduated in Fine Arts, Bhárbara worked in Belo Horizonte as a graphic designer for several ad agencies, specifically with fashion communication. When her will emerged, the designer started to draw her way consistently: a postgraduate degree in Brazil and a master’s degree in Lyon, France. Along the way, she has accumulated professional experience in trend research at a French prêt-à-porter chain with a global presence, and as a marketing coordinator of a renowned national shoes and handbags designer, thus learning the dynamics of the different markets.

JARDIN. is a natural consequence of a personal development, reflecting Bharbara not only as a fashion designer but as a woman. For her, JARDIN. is more than the realization of a dream, is the execution of a concept.