Fashion found Bharbara when she was a little girl. Over time, the inevitable happened: after following various paths that parallel and complement this industry, a desire arose to create her own pieces that would reflect a personal interpretation of the feminine and the modern.

With a degree in Fine Arts and experience as a photographer, Bharbara has also worked in Belo Horizonte as a graphic designer for different agencies, often on fashion publicity and communication projects. When the desire appeared, the stylist laid out her path in determined fashion: a graduate certificate in Brazil and a Master’s Degree in France. At the same time, she built up professional experience in the field of trend research at a large French ready-to-wear clothing brand with a global presence and an extended period working as an assistant at a Brazilian footwear and bag company, in order to learn the dynamics of different markets.

Jardin is a natural consequence of personal development and maturity, which reflects Bharbara not only as a stylist, but as a woman. To Bharbara, Jardin is not just the realization of a dream; it’s the execution of a concept.


Enjoying fashion isn’t a waste of time. The clothing we wear is what undresses us, revealing, without saying anything, who we are and what we want.

The seed for Jardin came from the dream of creating a style with personality, composed of pieces that translate the needs of the modern woman, in all her dynamic and multifaceted glory. The Jardin concept is supported by modern and top quality materials and an impeccable cut and finish, which hang just so, accentuating the silhouette, without taking away from the body.

Jardin believes that sophistication is born in simplicity and leaves us free to adapt outfits, not only to the occasion, but also to personal style. That’s what this brand is all about, casual chic and, at the same time, extremely versatile – wear-with-anything or key pieces full of personality that, depending on the outfit, fit into the day-to-day life and various roles of the modern woman.